With your commitment, you show solidarity with the most disadvantaged people in Ghana. Our projects start where help is most urgently needed. We help people to help themselves.

We appreciate you for supporting us in this!


Our education project dubbed “Making Education Attractive” has the vision to provide over 25,000 children living in deprived communities with quality values-based education in adequate facilities and resources in the next five years.

Classrooms and other educational resources for deprived communities are positive approach to the ongoing social-economic problems that plague sub-Saharan Africa. This can be accomplished through the construction of three hundred new classrooms and training of teachers who will be educating students in these classrooms.

TEKCHILLS will ensure access to quality education is relayed out to all individuals living in deprived communities. To do this, TEKCHILLS will build new schools, renovate schools, build libraries, ICT Labs, provide desks for schools without desks, organize & sponsor training sessions for teachers, and supply adequate resources needed for effective teaching and learning.

Health Care

WE BELIEVE that the path out of poverty begins when the next generation can access quality healthcare and a great education. Health is very closely related to the wellbeing and happiness of people. It is greatly affected by changes in global and regional climate, water quality, food growing capacity, and access to health care.

In rural and deprived communities, lack of basic health care facilities continues to impede the quality of healthcare delivery. Some communities have no health facilities (clinics or delivery wards) and those that have lack the expedient equipment and resources needed for their smooth running. The situation in poor and deprived communities can be particularly acute.

TEKCHILLS will ensure healthy lives by promoting well-being for all at all ages by supporting communities to build clinics, sponsoring training sessions of health care workers, and investing in equipment for effective and efficient running of health facilities.

Water and Sanitation

WE BELIEVE emphatically that every rural community deserves access to clean water and an improved sanitation facility. To us, clean water is an essential building block of life that allows people in marginalized communities especially children, women, and those with disabilities to survive and flourish. Our Water for Life project goal is to put an end to the daily walk for water and eradicate waterborne illnesses in rural communities.

Where access to clean water is readily available, thousands of lives are saved and the potential of individuals around the world who are sick or stuck in the endless cycle of fetching water each day have the opportunity to follow their dreams and reach their own potential.

TEKCHILLS will provide clean, safe, and accessible water and sanitation facilities for deprived communities by working in partnership with rural community stakeholders to build and construct sustainable community water points and sanitation facilities.