The TEKCHILLS Foundation is a licensed Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organization incorporated under the Companies Act 179, 1963 (Now Companies Act 992, 2019) of the Republic of Ghana on the 17th day of February, 2020 with the core mandate to empower rural and deprived communities across Ghana to break the cycle of poverty, inferiority complex, illiteracy, and lack of resources that continued to hinder their socio-economic development.

TEKCHILLS is an SDG focused organization with a strong emphasis on the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations;

To offer sustainable solutions to the problems of our target groups, TEKCHILLS intends to work in partnership with philanthropists, international and local organizations in harnessing the needed resources to gratify the identified needs and priorities of the communities as well as helping them in gaining the knowledge and developing the requisite skills required to make long – term positive changes.


To become the undisputed leading and dominant non-profit/non-governmental organisation in Ghana, offering hope for underserved and  deprived rural communities.


To create an enabling environment of growth for marginalised communities to realise their full potentials by maximising the impact of investments in supporting communities in Ghana.

Core Values

The leadership of TEKCHILLS Foundation is committed to these core values which outline how we deliver on our strategies, how we work together, and how we look to the future.

  1. Transparency.
  2. Equality.
  3. Kindness & Courage
  4. Honesty & Integrity
  5. Loyalty & Love
  6. Stewardship & Accountability.
  7. Zero Partisanship.


Board Member & Advisor

Jonathan Woods


Following a career in international Marketing, Communication and Change Management in senior management roles in large B2B companies (Rockwell International, Schlumberger & Alstom), Jonathan founded EUKALYPTON to support Businesses and Not-for-Profit organizations in anticipating and in addressing changes in their environments.

Jonathan has a particular focus of supporting African entrepreneurs by addressing new opportunities resulting from the momentous changes underway throughout the continent.

Jonathan brings broad and deep experience and acquired the expertise to support leaders and entrepreneurs with their teams to position their organization around a common vision and values to define the actions and to implement them.

Board Member & Advisor

Tracey Thompson


Tracey is an Australian with over 20 years of experience working in schools and within rural communities.
She has a unique ability to connect and engage with children and people mainly due to her level of enthusiasm and passion to want to Inspire- Motivate and Transform people to unlock their full potential.

Tracey’s energy introduces her before she even speaks.

  • She is a former Police Officer
  • She has over 20 years of experience working with young people and in the community.
  • Tracey Thompson is a much-celebrated sporting icon within Rugby League.
  • Tracey represented Australia 16 times and also in 2 world cups.
  • Tracey was the inaugural Indigenous All-Stars Captain.
  • Tracey is a Deadly Choices Ambassador
  • Co-founder of Iron Tracks – Empowerment Resilience Mentoring Initiate.
Board Member & Advisor

Alborz Kord


Alborz Kord has held executive positions in the automobile industry since 2007 with automobile companies such as MG Motors UK Ltd, Qoros Auto, Man Truck, and Arya Diesel Motors. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of ISATIS MOTORS in Tehran, Iran.

Alborz has a passion for community development. He has a dream to improve the standard of education and access to clean water in rural communities. Aside from this, his ambition is also to support young entrepreneurs, especially those in marginalized communities and their businesses to attract the needed investments and opportunities in scaling their operations successfully.

Alborz brings to the Board his vast experience and expertise in international business, negotiation, finance, research, and consultation.


Founder & Executive Director

Courage Tekpa

The TEKCHILLS Foundaton was the brain’s inception of COURAGE from a very early age where he gained a great affection for the poor, the deprived, and the disabled. Courage lost his dad at the age of 9 and since then his mother took sole responsibility of his upkeep through primary school to high school. COURAGE began to develop an understanding of the socio-economic lives of people living in rural and deprived communities which were heavily influenced by his surroundings and experiences.

From the age of 22, COURAGE began formulating together with her mother what eventually became the TEKCHILLS Foundation on the 2nd of February, 2015 as an adovacy organisation solely into highlighlighting the needs/problems of rural and deprived communities and finding organisations that could be of help by solving the issues highlighted.

After 3 years of advocating, COURAGE realised that the majority of problems highlighted were not addressed by the organisations that promised to support the communities in solving their problems. Upon deliberations and his continued vision for rural communities, he decided to incorporate the Foundation to give it a full recognition as a Non-Governmental Organisation/Non-Profit and the power to mobilise resources in achieving its goals after the successful completion of his University course in 2019.

After a rigorous process, the TEKCHILLS Foundation was finally incorporated under the Companies Act 179, 1963 (Now Act 992, 2019) of the Republic of Ghana on the 17th day of February, 2020 with the core mandate to empower rural and deprived communities across Ghana to break the cycle of poverty, inferiority complex, illiteracy, and lack of resources that continued to hinder their socio-economic development.

The TEKCHILLS Foundation is also a Sustainable Development Goal focused organisation with strong emphasis on the following goals of the United Nations;

  • 1 – NO POVERTY

COURAGE and the TEKCHILLS Foundation’s team are willing to form strategic partnerships with philanthropists, local & international chairty/non profit organisations, and corporations that have strong desire to help & support the growth of rural and deprived communities.

You can get directly in touch with COURAGE in order to learn more about the TEKCHILLS Foundation and its operations via email

Communications Director

Ophelia Agbesi

Co - founder/Grants & Sponsorships Director

Felix Amenyo

Finance Director

Samuel Mighty Hodeme

Operations Director

Emmanuel Atsu-Logo

Project Director

Emmanuel Kumah Afenu

The people we serve

TEKCHILLS target group/project beneficiaries includes;

Deprived, rural, and underserved communities.

The poor and vulnerable children & youths.

The physically challenged.


Every little bit helps the greater good of the world.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.