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    B2/22, Ho – Volta Region
    Ghana – West Africa

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    Where does my donation go?

    We take a multisectoral approach that not only solves current problems but also tackles the causes of poverty in the long term and in a sustainable manner. With your donation, we implement vital projects in the areas of water + hygiene, health + nutrition, education + children’s rights and for the economic development of a region. For example, we ensure clean water, healthy nutrition and health care, school materials, and teacher training. But we also promote sustainable agriculture or support people to start up their own businesses.

    Is Tekchills Foundation a registered Non-Profit/Non-Governmental Organisation?

    Tekchills Foundation is a licensed non-profit incorporated under the Companies Act 179,1963 (Now Act 992, 2019) of the Republic of Ghana with the following details;
    Registration Number: CG010572020
    Tax ID Number: C0034793747
    Bankers: Ecobank Ghana Limited

    Why should I support the Tekchills Foundation?

    Your cash and in kind donations, pooled with other support will help us deliver critical aid to vulnerable children and their communities in Ghana with our programs in education, health, access to clean water and proper sanitation, and disability support.

    What effect does my donation have?

    With regular reports from the sponsorship projects or updates from the disaster areas, you as a donor of Tekchills Foundation can see exactly what your donation will do. Our impact report and the annual reports provide additional transparency about the use of donations. And if you would like to convince yourself personally, you can see for yourself how Tekchills Foundation works on site on group trips to project areas or on individual project visits.

    Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?

    Please contact us at our supporter experience center at info@tekchillsfoundation.org or +233 (0) 209 839 769, Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm (GMT)